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How We Are Doing


We see so clearly in Jesus' own ministry a mindset of showing hospitality, compassion, and mercy towards others. We follow this example by creating outlets such as giving a free hot chocolate to someone when snow is on the ground, strengthening broken communities, spending time with the neglected, and spreading the hope of the Gospel wherever our teams go!

Q4 Christmas Outreach-7302746.jpg

North Africa Outreaches

It's been on our heart for many years at YWAM Lausanne to minister and bring God's love to North Africa. We send many teams to this area whether it's a small staff team who's burning to get out of the office and empower others, or a DTS outreach team who can hardly wait to share the Gospel with others. 

Q4 Outreach Burundi-4-Small.jpg

Community Development

One of our main goals is to edify and build up both people and communities. We practically act on this by training teams of people to go empower communites with our Community Development School. Whether it's teaching electrical skills to refugees or building a home, we want to do all that we can for those in need. 


City of Lausanne

We love our city and know God loves them too! Every week we go and participate in this by sharing the Gospel, creating opportunities in the city through events, and in intercession.   


Help Us In Sharing Compassion

Join us in a move of warmth and compassion towards others as we share the love of Christ with others. 

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