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 Let's train more missionaries!

Why Are We Expanding?


As the first YWAM training location, we've been around for over fifty years. In that history, we've had to make space to train more people and in new ways. Now we are doubling the housing capacity of our campus by building five new houses! This allows us to create space for more long-term missionaries and students that in a longer program. Down below is the story so far, would you like to help write the future with us?


A Continuation

Fifty years ago, we purchased the first piece of property, expanded it, and twenty-five years ago we renovated that same chalet building. We've seen God's faithfulness to prepare and provide for the next wave of missions training. We now look forward to seeing that continued as we expand our campus with five new housing buildings. 

  • 1960's - Chalet Purchased

  • 1970's - First Schools and Training 

  • 1980's – Canaan Housing Purchased

  • 1990's – Chalet Renovation Begins

  • 2000's – Learning Beyond Borders (GENESIS)

  • 2010's – YWAM Lausanne 50th Anniversary

  • 2020 – New Housing Expansion


In 1969, Loren Cunningham formed the first School of Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland (which became what we now know as Discipleship Training School). This became YWAM's first training center! In this time the chalet was transformed from a run-down hotel into a place of preparation for missionaries.



This decade was incredibly fruitful as many schools, ministries, and training programs ran and key leaders began to take shape. In fact, this place is considered the root for many different YWAM bases across the globe. 



We joined and partnered with YWAM as a whole in response to many global crises and needs. Ministries such as the Mercy Ships, refugee camp in Thailand, and other forms of compassionate response to global needs were supported by YWAM Lausanne. The Canaan housing was purchased to hold more long-term staff. Many outreach teams were sent to those struggling nations and people in need to share the love of God.



Marked by reformation and renovation, this time was incredibly momentous for YWAM Lausanne. In the decade was the base's 25th anniversary, renovation of the chalet, and the creation of the GENESIS project (an interactive learning format which allows training in remote locations through video-conferencing.)



This new century began with great technological advancements. We participated in this time by continuing with the GENESIS project to enhance and expand training formats. Additionally, we hosted YWAM in a global context with many workshops and leadership gatherings. 



Our base continued to expand and launch new ministries, outreaches, and training paths as we followed God's lead. In 2019, the decade was conclusively marked by the 50th anniversary for YWAM's first training location. From many countries, people gathered who all shared that testimony of seeing God bring positive transformation to their lives during their time here. Finally, we made preparations towards the next chapter for our campus expansion to produce a larger capacity and opportunity for growth.

50th Monday-66.jpg


Now with fifty years of transformation, evangelism, and training, we spring forward into our biggest expansion yet. We can't build these new houses without you. We would love to invite you along for the ride! Would consider sponsoring a door, purchasing solar panels, or a window?


You Can Be Part of This!

Pay in up to 6 monthly installments with no additional charge. 

If you have something special on your heart and want to help grow our capacity for spreading the Gospel and bringing transformation, we'd love to connect with you. 

Thanks for reaching out! We'll be in touch soon! 

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